Our fees and certifications

2021: Office of the Year competition

In the “Office Building of the Year” category, the Irányi Palace designed by EBH INVEST won the professional competition.


In the “Environmentally Conscious Office of the Year” category, the Bánáti + Hartvig Architects’ Office designed by EBH INVEST won the professional competition.



2019 – 2020: Business SuperBrands Award

Since 2019, EBH INVEST Kft. has been recognized as Business Superbrands, which is also known to the general public as a trademark symbolizing high quality. The program evaluates the top consumer and business brands.



2018 – 2019: Bisnode Certificate: “AA”

2020 – 2021: Bisnode Certificate: „AAA”

2022: High Creditworthy Certificate: „AA”

These certificates prove that the financial risk of establishing a business relationship with EBH INVEST Kft. is extremely/very low. We are proud to be able to show our business stability (recognized, reliable, creditworthy) in the form of a certificate.



2019: Monitoring SME TOP100

The KKV TOP100 certificate shows that EBH INVEST Kft. is a relevant actor in the field. The company is reliable, debt free, stable, dynamic growing and highly productive.



2017 – 2022: MagyarBrands – business category award

We are proud of our fourth MagyarBrands award! The program evaluates the most reliable and effective Hungarian brands.



2015: Construction Industry Award – restoration and conservation of monuments category

We are proud that the reconstruction of the Széchenyi Zsigmond Carpathian Basin Hungarian Hunting Museum established in the Grassalkovich Mansion in Hatvan – in which the restoration main contractor was EBH INVEST Kft. – won a prize at the Construction Industry Awards 2015, in the category of monument restoration, rehabilitation.



2020: Site Safety Certificate


2015: ICOMOS Award

EBH INVEST was the main contractor of the restoration works; the mansion’s reconstruction works included wood, stone, metal and painting works and were carried out under the guidance of our experts. Due to the Grassalkovich Mansion project, EBH INVEST won the ICOMOS prize in 2015 “in the recognition of the restoration and reuse of the mansion and garden which were carried out exceptionally and in an exemplary fashion.”
ICOMOS is the World Heritage Convention of UNESCO, the permanent heritage protection expert institute of the World Heritage Committee located in Paris.



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