Name of the project:
Railway station in Békéscsaba
5600, Békéscsaba, Temető sor 213.
The full reconstruction of Békéscsaba railway station lasted almost 3 years. The painting, cast stone and carpentry restoration works were carried out under the guidance of our professionals in the heritage main building of the railway station and its northern and southern wings.

In the main hall – while preserving its heritage nature – several modernisation measures were taken to serve the comfort of passengers:

  • the entrance to the underpass (with stairs) was constructed in the middle
  • the sales pavilions were removed, and benches, passenger information glass cabinets and ticket printing equipment for passengers’ comfort were installed
  • the colour of the ceiling was changed and ceiling chandeliers were installed which hang down in the hall through a decorated cable
  • the hall’s paving was also renewed

Take a look at the renovated building

Fotó: Bereczki Botond