The renovation of one of the most beautiful Hungarian buildings located in Zemplén, the Károlyi Castle in Füzérradvány, was carried out by EB HUNGARY INVEST Ltd.

Our task included the implementation of construction and restoration activities necessary for the preservation of the structure, the exterior and interior renovation of the listed castle building, as well as the construction of a beach house and the restoration of the castle park.

  • Tasks related to floor and structural construction
  • Demolition work and on-site reinforced concrete work
  • Formwork and scaffolding
  • Masonry and other stonework
  • Carpentry, roofing, and sheet metal work
  • Insulation work, replacement of windows and doors
  • Mechanical and electrical work
  • Interior design and fit-out tasks

The investment, amounting to one and a half billion, was carried out within the framework of the national castle renovation program.