The goal of the renovation program was to restore the building to its former glory and create modern and comfortable office spaces.

Our company carried out general installations in the future office and commercial areas after demolition. We created a completely new entrance on the ground floor, restored the sgraffito decoration on the interior facade, and the “Climbers” statue was also renovated.

We installed a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system in the building, taking into account the location and characteristics of the structure. On the rooftop, an adiabatic dry cooler system was installed, accompanied by four heat pump units located in the basement.

These systems are responsible for creating a pleasant indoor climate in the building in the most environmentally friendly way possible. They utilize waste heat from the dry cooler for hot water production and provide free-cooling in interior spaces, without the need for compressor work, to regulate the temperature.

A centralized system monitors the mechanical equipment. We installed new strong and weak electrical networks and devices, and replaced both elevators. The asbestos roof covering was removed and replaced with a sophisticated, asbestos-free roofing material that matches the previous appearance.

Individually designed air handling units were installed on each floor to extract used air and provide tempered, filtered fresh air supply. The waste heat from the used air is first recovered by the air handling units, and then further utilized for the dry cooler.

The entire building services system, as well as the strong and weak electrical systems, are managed by a centralized building management system. Through this system, the building operator receives up-to-date information and can easily and quickly adjust the settings and parameters of the system components.