The significant increase in energy prices since the fall of 2022 has put the tenants, operators, and owners of high-consumption properties (office buildings, commercial properties, manufacturing halls, worker accommodations) in a difficult and highly uncertain situation.

If you are also interested in preserving the competitiveness of your property and reducing your energy consumption and utility costs but are still looking for answers, then the EBH INVEST corporate cost reduction service package is for you:

  • Availability of professionals with over 10 years of experience
  • Reliable auditing
  • Preparation of execution plans in compliance with regulations
  • Professional and high-quality implementation
  • Savings guarantee
  • Assistance in identifying co-financing and available grant sources

A comprehensive solution with the help of EBH INVEST

With the comprehensive energy service package provided by EBH INVEST, energy renovation has become within your reach.
Our company specializing in general contracting, with the assistance of its cooperative partners, will guide you step by step in achieving
the energy modernization of your building and reducing your utility costs.

At the same time, you can also carry out a long-delayed comprehensive renovation of your property by experts, which is not worth postponing any longer!
Through energy or comprehensive renovation, you can increase the market value and competitiveness of your property while significantly reducing energy costs.

Energy modernization of a building involves the collaboration of various interrelated and interconnected areas, which our company provides as an energy integrator:

  • Professional consultation, energy advisory
  • Condition assessment, energy certification
  • Design, preparation of comprehensive budget
  • Procurement, search for subcontractors and coordination
  • Financing, grant opportunities
  • Implementation

Potential energy-saving solutions and implementation areas:

  • Thermal insulation (facade, roof)
  • Replacement of windows and doors
  • Mechanical engineering (heating-cooling, modernization of lighting systems)
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Audit of utility service contracts
  • Optimization of operational processes

Be efficient with us!

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Are you an owner, operator, or tenant of a high-consumption property? Choose comprehensive energy renovation!